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TOS-1A Buratino, part 3

A lot of work has been done since last time. First the model was painted in its camouflage colours, followed by a few coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss varnish. For the first wash I used The Detailer Black wash, which is very easy to use and gives great results. The two Guards decals were also applied at this time followed by another protective coat of Aqua Gloss. The model is now prepared for oil colour weathering.






Millenium Falcon pt.2

I know it’s been quite some time since my last post but summer has been busy at work and outside (heavy metal festivals, marriage and enjoying myself). But nonetheless here we are with some progress photos of one of my favorite Star Wars ships. I’ve used ModelMaster’s Flat Gull Grey as a base colour, while details were picked out with WEM’s Light Compass Grey, ModelMaster’s Yellow Zinc Chromate and Revell’s 37 red. The model is now in the process of gloss varnishing in preparation for the weathering. Oh and in the meantime I took measurements of the model and compared them to Wookiepedia’s data and the actual scale of this model is 1:312 instead of 1:241 as Revell states on the box (or should I say wrap).

If you are interested in Star Wars scale modelling, I advise you to visit the following link and see the works of scale model masters and true Star Wars fans –







Su-7BM ‘Fitter-B’

Modelsvit 1:72, Pavla vacform canopy, Pavla KS-3/4 ejection seat



Model to be published in one of future issues of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine.