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Seinar Fleet Systems were one of three major starship suppliers to the Galactic Empire, specializing in construction of small and deadly TIE (Twin Ion Engine) starfighters.


TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter, was the standard Imperial starfighter seen in massive numbers throughout most of the Galactic Civil War and onward.

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TIE Interceptor

TIE Interceptor, was a TIE Series starfighter used by the Galactic Empire. The TIE Interceptor was identifiable by its arrow-shaped solar collection panels, a distinct difference from the hexagonal solar arrays of its predecessor, the TIE Fighter. The Interceptor was one of the fastest starfighters in the galaxy at its prime.

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TIE Advanced

The TIE Advanced x1, or TIE/x1 was an advanced prototype starfighter touted as a replacement for the standard TIE Fighter tested by Darth Vader and X1 at the battles of Yavin and Mustafar respectively. While it never made it into production, many of its best design features were later incorporated into the TIE/sa bomber and TIE/IN interceptor.

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TIE trio – part 3

Just a small progress post of a little experiment I did, before I publishing the finished photos of these TIE fighters.

All of the instructions suggest, solar panels should be painted with Black. I don’t know what kind of technology Seinar shipyards use, but earthly solar panels are not just black and they often change colour between black, blue and violet depending on the angle of view. Time to try out the special kind of Alclad paint – ALC-204 Prismatic Sapphire Deep Blue to UV.

It’s kind of tricky to make a proper photograph, but the effect looks really great, especially when you are moving the part or if part of it falls into shadow.





TIE trio – part 2

Little progress has been made since my last update, consequence of tight working schedule and better weather and longer daylight resulting in my spare time being used on my mountain bike. But fear not, the builds are progressing nicely.



Much has been said about the colours, these TIEs should be painted in. While the general consensus is that Air Superiority Blue is THE correct colour, which was used on studio models, I find it way too blue on these 1:72 models and by comparing it to the shots from the movie. I have used ModelMaster 1721 (FS35237) Medium Grey, which is basically very blueish grey and really liked the result.


I find it interesting, that FineMolds used different approach with solar panel tiles with each of the kits. As you can see above, solar panels are moulded into the “wing” and one has to mask them before painting them.


TIE Fighter has solar panels moulded in one piece and they get sandwiched between the framing.


TIE Interceptor has the most clever and modeller friendly solution – solar panels are moulded separately and when finished with painting, they can just be inserted segment by segment into the framing.


Since TIE fighters don’t have shields (TIE Advanced being exception here), if they get shot, they usually get killed. That means they are mostly clean and not as scruffy looking as Rebel Starfighters. I’ve decided I will not weather them. However, a dark grey oil paint wash (mix of Winsor&Newton’s Payne’s Grey and Titanium White) brings out all those lovely little details and accentuate the shadows.