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Just a quick progress update, before I am heading to Prague for some sightseeing of this beautiful city after a looong, long time, meeting a friend of mine (Jakub, creator of most detailed reference page for Desert Storm modellers) and hoping to score some bargain modelling deals (my apartment is just a few minutes away from MPM store).

So, decals!


I was planning on using Model Alliance decals for this bird but two things happened. I accidentally spilled a drop of Future on the decal sheet, rendering some decals unusable. However I decided to skip them anyway, as there were just some wingwalk markings that weren’t always used. So I decide to use another one for test and to my horror, the result can be seen above. I know these are older decals but I haven’t seen this in ages – as I started to slide the decal from the backing paper, a film, perhaps a glue, started to move with the decal, breaking up into smaller pieces. I couldn’t clean the decal in anyway, so I’ve applied it to the surface anyway, just to see what will happen. That glue, or whatever it was, turned white and as you can see on the photo, made white specks all over the surface. Knowing I could not rectify this easily, I’ve decided for a plan B and ordered ALPS printed HaHen decals, made in Germany.


Luckily, plan B is now working as advertised and decals are a treat to work with. They come precoated, so you don’t need to fix them. You have however cut them from the sheet as close to the print as possible which takes a bit more of time but they are very thin and consequently settle down really nicely. Colours however are a bit translucent, which is the case especially with white – white circle with an anchor on intakes are two decals overlapping for better opacity.


Shot from another angle. Some slight silvering appeared but since I haven’t used any decal softeners yet, I am pretty sure with another coat of Future, it’ll disappear. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish decaling next week and start weathering soon afterwards. It is funny, how a project, which I wanted to build quickly, is taking me so much time. Also I have three imminent projects for the Scale Aircraft Magazine, that I have to start next week – a barrel, a gas station and a cock 😉


Avro Vulcan K.2, Great Wall Hobby 1:144



Full article will be published in one of future Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine issues.

HSwMS Visby – 2

Unfortunately things have not gone well since my last update. Next morning after applying the primer, I checked again the models and to my horror, Alclad’s primer has flaked off. Of course I didn’t have any other option than to remove it, wiping it off the surface using nitro-thinner. Later, some modellers confirmed, that Orange Hobby resin kits are covered with some kind of silicone grease for easier separation from molds, but consequently prove hard to clean.

I’ve decided for the second try, to just use enamel colours and sprayed both models with ModelMaster’s Camouflage Gray. 24 hours later, the paint did not peel off and I felt a bit of relief. But the real test still lay in front of me.



Masking! If there were any greasy hidden spots, masking tape would for sure lift the paint from them. Even though the splinter camouflages can be difficult to mask, it was not the case this time.




Carefully unmasking the models, I was relieved that only small parts of paint were lifted on both models, which were easily corrected by paintbrush. Camouflage on K31 differs a bit than those on K32-34.




Both models are now put aside for the Future to cure before further treatment with oil colours. As picking up correct paints is quite hard, especilly as they differ so much in these small scales, compared to the bigger ones, the lighter shade came of too light and too warm for my taste. I will make a dark grey oil colour filter, which should darken a bit and cool down the lighter shade while connect both colours of the camouflage nicely.