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USS Cole – pt.4

Mainly finished with painting and decaling (helipad and bow white decals were too wide!) it was time to start with the procedure I fear the most – rigging and setting up the fences.

Using Uschi van der Rosten 0.02mm rigging wire, some Loctite gel superglue, tweezers, optivisor, 3rd hand tool and lots of patience and time, I’ve finished the rigging. I also set up a few fences – below the front CIWS, around the antennas on rear stack and helipad mesh fence.





USS Cole – pt.3

Work continues at slow pace. As you can see on the bottom photos, the plastic bits and pieces are starting to get the shape of the ship now. The more I look at this model, the more mistakes, or better yet omissions I see, that were made by Cyberhobby when designing this kit. One of them is the missing bow anchor – luckily there’s a couple on Flyhawk’s PE fret, so I just drilled the hole in the bow and installed one. Installing miniature PE pieces is troublesome but not as much as handling the kit – a few have been lost to carpet monster already – luckily none are too noticeable. I am no expert on ship building so I’ve picked up the paints according to the photos. While I am quite satisfied with the hull colour of choice, the deck one proved more tricky. On photos, it changes from very pale grey to quite a dark one, depending on lightning situation. I’ve gone for a lighter shade and then darkening it a bit with oil colours and at the same time also adding some shades to the raised objects and I quite like the end result. Next step will be decals, followed by more of the shading, detail painting and a bit of weathering.







USS Cole – pt.2

Ok, with Ye-150 done, it’s time to jump back on the USS Cole! Not literally, of course 🙂


CyberHobby forgot to add the three vertical beams on the hull – using 0.3mm sheet styrene, I cut three thin rods to represent them… Not entirely correct (they should be rounded), but better than nothing.


Quite some time went into building the ship mast. Unfortunately I am not entirely satisfied with the result (some bent pieces), but unless looking at it from really close, it looks quite good. I will probably add additional railing to it, when painted.


Sideview – as I write this, the ship rests painted in primer and I really look forward to painting her.