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27 December 2012


The end of December is pretty hectic for most of us and I am not excluded. Christmas Eve, shopping, visiting relatives,… leaves me little to no time for modelling. Not to mention I’ve also been working most of the days. Yet I managed to retreat to my man cave for an hour and do some work on Flanker today. As you may know, when Flankers are parked, their manuevering surfaces drop. Trumpeter doesn’t provide any repositional parts for this (neither did any company doing Flanker model so far), so in order to accurately depict this feature, a little plastic surgery is needed. As you can see, flaperons and slats were cut out and tailerons will receive actuator cover enlargment soon enough. With basic work done it was time to close the fuselage and attach the nose, while I dryfitted tail just for the photoshoot purpose. They will be attached after I’m done painting the engines areas with Alclad metallic paints. Next step I am not so fond of – puttying and sanding. Luckily, there’s not much needed 😀

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20 December 2012


Today I worked at a slow pace. Well, I did quite some work but hardly anything noticable. You know the feeling, right?

Flanker – I applied the instrument panel and cockpit sidewall decals, which will be sufficient, considering the closed canopy. Looking at the fuselage pieces, I still can’t get it, why Trumpeter made the S-like mould dent in the wing root – quite messy to sand off and quite a few panel lines and rivets to restore. Can’t really say I’m looking forward to that work, though I will have to deal with it in the next modelling session.

Fishbeds – I am building one with closed canopy while the other will be opened and I’m using Brengun PE set for it. I’m not really sure if it’s worth it, since despite the open canopy, little can be seen of the sidewall detail. I’ve close the fuselage halves and they’re great fit with no filler required at all. Real joy to build!

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but listen to Pink Floyd during the time of modelling. My life has been always connected with music and I guess it’s important factor when modelling.
How about you? Prefer silence or do you like something playing in the background and what?

And since this is the last post on my blog, according to Mayans, I wish you all the best in next life as tonight Ragnarok arrives! Joke aside, I am indeed visiting “2 minutes to the end of the world” concert tonight, with AC/DC cover band and Iron Median (Maiden cover band), so if the world’s gonna end, at least we’ll go in style with some good music!

Till the next time!!!

19 December 2012


I must say it makes me very happy to see how much interest was shown into my blog, upon announcing it publicly yesterday. However unfortunately due to the misunderstanding from our Greek fellow modellers, the issue of the name Macedonia came up in regards to the poll posted. For those of you, who have issues with this, here is my statement:

I am well aware of the name dispute between FYROM as you call it and Greece. It was not my intention in any way to provoke you using the name Macedonian instead of FYROM. And as I know about why there is dispute as a third party observer and as I have seen politics getting dirty to steer people’s mind away from current situation (we all know the s**t your country is in and your northern neighbour is not much better either). However, Republic of Slovenia recognized Republic of Macedonia by its constitutional name and this gives me the right as Slovenian citizen to use the adjective Macedonian in regards to that republic. And not to forget US, China, Russia and more than 100 other UN nations did the same and use the same adjective. So untill this dispute is settled by either Greek-Macedonian solution or by UN (FYROM is after all just an iterim solution used only by official UN documents), I won’t be using FYROM word.

So I just wish that we all put the politics aside and enjoy what we all enjoy a lot – plastic scale modelling.

I had a day off today and I took advantage of it. Beside some household errands I had to do, I also took some time for modelling. And as you can see, another Flanker has joined me on the table. It’s the Trumpeter’s Su-27UB in 1:72 which I will be converting to Su-27UBM2. I’ve painted the cockpit in light blue today and seats and instrument panel coamings in black. I also assembled the intakes. Some small work was done on Eduard’s little Fishbeds, but more tomorrow.

Here’s a photo of that Su-27UBM2; mine will be Yellow 53:—Air/Sukhoi-Su-27UBM2/2108606/L/

18 December 2012


What you see above is not a common site in my modelling room. I have a moderate annual output (13 models this and even more last year) and the site is actually very cluttered most of the time. A sight you will undoubtedly soon be greeted with. 13 models last year means an average of 1 model a month, which is the pace I am quite comfortable with. However, the stash is increasing quite fast and I’d like to increase my number of finished models. If you check the top of the page and look at my planned builds for the following year, I set my goal at 13 and truth be told, I’d hate to see failing this goal. Anyway enough chit-chatting and let’s clutter the workbench. First models you can expect in the following days are gonna be Eduards little Fishbeds and an old debt to my friends at Balkan Models – a Huey from one of the ex-Yugoslavian countries. And here I’m gonna ask for your help.

Bosnian example:

Macedonian example:

F-5E Tiger II

out of the box build with Hi-Decal decals


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Being a BIG Iranian aviation fan, I had to start building myself an IRIAF collection. I’ll be first building Iran-Iraq war veterans and after that proceed to the types currently in use by IRIAF.

Model is built out of the box with Hi-Decal decals


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out of the box build with home made decals


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out of the box build with Aztec decals


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