The end of December is pretty hectic for most of us and I am not excluded. Christmas Eve, shopping, visiting relatives,… leaves me little to no time for modelling. Not to mention I’ve also been working most of the days. Yet I managed to retreat to my man cave for an hour and do some work on Flanker today. As you may know, when Flankers are parked, their manuevering surfaces drop. Trumpeter doesn’t provide any repositional parts for this (neither did any company doing Flanker model so far), so in order to accurately depict this feature, a little plastic surgery is needed. As you can see, flaperons and slats were cut out and tailerons will receive actuator cover enlargment soon enough. With basic work done it was time to close the fuselage and attach the nose, while I dryfitted tail just for the photoshoot purpose. They will be attached after I’m done painting the engines areas with Alclad metallic paints. Next step I am not so fond of – puttying and sanding. Luckily, there’s not much needed 😀

Till the next time!