And we finally stepped into 2013! Hope you all had a blast celebrating. Unfortunately a 86-years old lady crashed into my girlfriends car on the morning of 31st (and 5 other parked cars as well) on a parking lot, preventing us a relaxed evening in the anticipation of the New Year. Heavy fog that covered most of our country on that day also prevented us enjoying the views of fireworks displays so the remainder of the night was spent with our brother and sister. Early morning 10 hour shift on the 1st also didn’t help with my modelling πŸ™‚ Today I finally managed to snap a couple of hours behind the desk and some progress was made – not a lot can be seen but it was significant nonetheless.

Little MiGs had some parts attached, canopies masked (they are TINY!!!!) and are basically at the priming stage – I only have to figure it out how to mask the open cockpit of one of them without damaging tiny parts inside. I’ve also decided on the paint schemes. The closed one will be a Slovak Air Force example

MiG-21 mf 7713 5

Copyright: http://frantisek.valka.cz

while the open one will be Egyptian

Egypt Daily News mig-21-1[1]

Copyright: http://www.egyptdailynews.com/egyptian%20airforce.htm

Work has also continued on the mighty Flanker. Most of it was messy sanding of the puttied parts, nothing major but lots of minor gap fillings and blending in the lower part of the nose. I was also trying to recreate a new offset IRST from a piece of clear plastic sprue and I think I got it pretty good. I’ll attach it to the windshield soon, but first I have to remove the mould line from the clear parts. Many modellers think that is some moulding flaw but in reality, mould lines on the canopies usually mean that they’re of right shape (looks like greek letter OMEGA if you look at the canopy from the front). Luckily it can be removed quite easily with some sanding and polishing and a dip or two in Future floor polish. As you can see, exhausts were also attached and I will start with Alclad treatment of the engine area in the next few days. Till then…

oh and by the way – my girlfriend just started a new blog, mainly dedicated to cooking and baking but also some other daily stuff – if you’re interested, please give it a look – she will be very happy! πŸ˜‰ here’s the link: http://irenasdots.wordpress.com/