All the fuzz around New Year celebration is finally calming down and a bit more time was found for modelling today.

Fishbeds have finally entered my favorite stage – painting and weathering. They were given a coat of Alclad White Primer. I just love this stuff – you apply it in thin layers and it builds up really nice. In the case of Slovak bird, it’s also gonna serve for off-white colour, while it will give a good base for the Egyptian.

Flanker’s clear parts were given a good sanding and polishing treatment today using 600-grit sandpaper followed by Micromesh pads from 3200-12000 grit. A dip in Future floor polish was a must at the end. I planned to make the seatbelts to spice up the seats today but something else took most of my time away. I don’t recall I have ever seen a Su-27UB model that would have a front pit curtain construction included in the kit. Trumpeter kit also lacks this prominent feature and so I was cutting steel wire and plasticart trying to construct something that would at least vaguely resemble the real deal. The construction is still in progress and I hope I will finish it tomorrow.

I also got news, I’ll be soon receiving a new model for SAM build review – a Modelsvit Su-7BM in 1:72 scale. This jet fighter has a special place in my heart. A few years ago I was a member of Czech air museum in Vyskov and took care of one Su-7BM and a Su-7BKL. Here’s the pic of it and as you can see I had a special parking place reserved 😉


Anyhow more on that when I get the kit.

Today’s musical background was courtesy of Joe Bonamassa – a truly talented blues musician!