VVS modelling

Relaxed kind of plastic scale modelling

About me

I’ve been modelling for my entire life. I still remember the early ’80s when our local store held some old KP models and from time to time if I behaved well 😀 my father would buy me a kit and in the evening when my parents would be watch TV, I was assembling the model with whatever kind of glue and paint I had at my hand at the time. Things changed considerably when I visited my first ever airshow at Ljubljana airport in 1989 –  I wanted a Tomcat model and since there were none on offer, my father bought me Italeri’s 1:72 F-15E Strike Eagle which I consider to be my first more serious model. After that the number of finished models rose, first airbrush experience, first aftermarket,… I have to admit, though I have learned a lot by myself, internet revolutionized the hobby. Free flow of information improved the quality of the models while mail order stores are offering almost anything modelling-wise your heart desires… I guess another breaking year for me was in 2009, just after I finished Zvezda’s Ka-50Sh when I was approached by Jay Laverty, the editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine and invited me to his team of contributors.

My main modelling interests are Iran-Iraq war, Soviet/Russian Air Force and Navy, naval aviation, exotic aircraft or exotic camouflages,…

I started this blog as a sort of catalouge of my work.  If you have any questions regarding the builds, please do comment and I’ll try to answer. I will be posting regular workbench photos, modelling contests photos, probably some reviews and we will see where to this blog will develop… I just hope you find navigation easy!

Happy Modelling


5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Sebastijan,

    Have just come in and what I see is great! For me it is SAM I like best, since long time ago. Saw you was building on the E-150 Modelsvit, as I do, but nearly right out of the box. I split up the tub in the back and glued it together to fit in the body, did also file a Little on inside of the body.
    Have you finished yours?


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