I’ve been modelling for my entire life. I still remember the early ’80s when our local store held some old KP models and from time to time if I behaved well 😀 my father would buy me a kit and in the evening when my parents would be watch TV, I was assembling the model with whatever kind of glue and paint I had at my hand at the time. Things changed considerably when I visited my first ever airshow at Ljubljana airport in 1989 –  I wanted a Tomcat model and since there were none on offer, my father bought me Italeri’s 1:72 F-15E Strike Eagle which I consider to be my first more serious model. After that the number of finished models rose, first airbrush experience, first aftermarket,… I have to admit, though I have learned a lot by myself, internet revolutionized the hobby. Free flow of information improved the quality of the models while mail order stores are offering almost anything modelling-wise your heart desires… I guess another breaking year for me was in 2009, just after I finished Zvezda’s Ka-50Sh when I was approached by Jay Laverty, the editor of Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine and invited me to his team of contributors. Since then I have build at least two dozen od models for the magazine and I look forward to the future cooperation.

My main modelling interests are Iran-Iraq war, Soviet/Russian Air Force and Navy, naval aviation, exotic aircraft or exotic camouflages,…

I started this blog as a sort of catalouge of my work. As I work a lot for SAM you’ll have to buy the magazine in order to see more than just the couple of photos you see on my page. If you have any questions regarding the builds, please do comment and I’ll try to answer. I will be posting regular workbench photos, modelling contests photos, probably some reviews and we will see where to this blog will develop… I just hope you find navigation easy!

Happy Modelling