What you see above is not a common site in my modelling room. I have a moderate annual output (13 models this and even more last year) and the site is actually very cluttered most of the time. A sight you will undoubtedly soon be greeted with. 13 models last year means an average of 1 model a month, which is the pace I am quite comfortable with. However, the stash is increasing quite fast and I’d like to increase my number of finished models. If you check the top of the page and look at my planned builds for the following year, I set my goal at 13 and truth be told, I’d hate to see failing this goal. Anyway enough chit-chatting and let’s clutter the workbench. First models you can expect in the following days are gonna be Eduards little Fishbeds and an old debt to my friends at Balkan Models – a Huey from one of the ex-Yugoslavian countries. And here I’m gonna ask for your help.

Bosnian example: http://www.airliners.net/photo/364006/L/

Macedonian example: http://www.franknoort.nl/site/galleries/2006-09-albania/photos/CRW_1857.jpg