Today I worked at a slow pace. Well, I did quite some work but hardly anything noticable. You know the feeling, right?

Flanker – I applied the instrument panel and cockpit sidewall decals, which will be sufficient, considering the closed canopy. Looking at the fuselage pieces, I still can’t get it, why Trumpeter made the S-like mould dent in the wing root – quite messy to sand off and quite a few panel lines and rivets to restore. Can’t really say I’m looking forward to that work, though I will have to deal with it in the next modelling session.

Fishbeds – I am building one with closed canopy while the other will be opened and I’m using Brengun PE set for it. I’m not really sure if it’s worth it, since despite the open canopy, little can be seen of the sidewall detail. I’ve close the fuselage halves and they’re great fit with no filler required at all. Real joy to build!

Yesterday, I couldn’t help but listen to Pink Floyd during the time of modelling. My life has been always connected with music and I guess it’s important factor when modelling.
How about you? Prefer silence or do you like something playing in the background and what?

And since this is the last post on my blog, according to Mayans, I wish you all the best in next life as tonight Ragnarok arrives! Joke aside, I am indeed visiting “2 minutes to the end of the world” concert tonight, with AC/DC cover band and Iron Median (Maiden cover band), so if the world’s gonna end, at least we’ll go in style with some good music!

Till the next time!!!