You know a feeling where you’ve been modelling a lot but there’s not much to show? It’s happening to me at the moment. The Su-7 build was halted because I had to wait for the shipment of Tamiya’s Lacquer Thinner to arrive from the other side of the world – wiping away Mr. Surfacer with a cotton bud dipped in this thinner has never been easier. So not to get rusty in the meantime, I’ve started work on a Revell’s reboxing of an excellent Zvezda kit of Mi-24V Hind. I will be building it in Czech Air Force scheme with Tigermeet 2011 markings. All I can say is that I’m sorry that I am not allowed to show you progress photos as this is the most detailed 1:72 model I have ever built. Unfortunately the fit is another issue. Well it is a bit my fault as I didn’t take enough dryfitting sessions before trying to close it up. Thing is that you build the entire interior beforehand and you have to wrap it, so to speak, in external skin. Now I am left with a few gaps to fill but still it makes a hell of a model and will certainly build a few more!

I’ve also bought my first armor kit after some two decades – not that I would have particular interest in armored vehicles or models but just for the fact, when I saw a model published on some internet site, the shape of the thing caught my attention as it was the most brutal and awesome piece of metal I have ever seen. I am talking about a Russian heavy flamethrower TOS-1A ‘Buratino’. Mounted on a T-72 chassis a big rocket launcher is fixed, firing thermobaric rockets at targets up to 6.000m away from the vehicle. Being a short range weapon TOS-1 system is used in an armor group of main battle tanks and APCs.


Source: Wikipedia

As it is quite a rare model of a rare vehicle from a rare new manufacturer I also plan on making a review of this model in the following days.

I also updated my plan and What I got lists 🙂