Russian scale modelling decal producer Begemot doesn’t need special introduction – for years, they are providing fans of Russian and Soviet aviation varied marking options for their scale models.

With the Zvezda’s release of Russian Air Force new advanced jet trainer, the Yak-130, and the various paint schemes of the Russian examples as well as those of overseas customers, it was only a matter of time, before Begemot released a dedicated decal sheet for this aircraft.

Decals come in a Begemot standard package – A4 zip lock bag, with several black&white A4 sheets of instructions and three different sized decal sheets. Decals appear to be finely printed and mostly in register; there is a slight adjustment problem on my sheet, most noticeable on Bangladeshi roundels with a very thin white edge to the small part of inner red circle – noticeable only up very close and easily hidden on a model. Print of the decals is flat while the carrier film is glossy and appears to be really thin.


Instructions give you options, to build a whooping! 24 different airframes, ranging from Russian prototypes and operational aircraft in overall grey, overall dark green, overall green/yellow primer, red/white demo, light/dark grey and blue/grey options as well as exotic schemes from export users such as Belarus, Algeria, Myanmar and Bangladesh.  Separate instructions are give for stencil application. Given the fact, Yak-130 can carry a vast array of guided and unguided weapons, Begemot provided weapons and pylons stenciling for more than 15 different types. Color call-outs are given in FS numbers.


While the instructions give you an option of 24 different aircraft, that’s only a part of the truth. By providing separate number decals and different serials where appropriate, Begemot decals enable you to build almost any Yak-130 in service of any air force today. Very nice touch are also canopy detonation cord decals printed in black, white and two different shades of grey, minimizing the risk of ruining the canopy with painting those prominent lines on the canopy.


If you are planning to build Zvezda’s Yak-130 in 1:72, then look no further! And I am quite sure, Begemot will soon release 1:48 version as well, with the imminent release of KittyHawk and Zvezda in that scale.

You can get your decals from Begemot official site or use any of the listed stores, on their official page –

Special thanks to Andrey Kotkov of Begemot decals for sending me the review sample.