After a while and a couple of finished models, I am back with the Hog!


Since A-10 is covered with rivets, I started with the riveting job and managed to finish the main wings. I will also be using raised rivets later in the build for fuselage and engine nacelles but more on that latter when we get there


Comparing reference photos of A-10 wheel bays with other modern aircraft, I found out they are rather wireless. I guess aircraft survivability is one of the main reasons for, though several wires can be seen in the bays. I’ve used 0.3mm soldering wire to add interest to the forward wheel bay.


Right wall of the front wheel bay is located on the fuselage side and is moulded bare. I know it’ll be hard to see inside when finished, but there are certain angles from which you can see it. I added a few styrene strips and some soldering wire to the area – it is not authentic at all but if you do happen to look inside the well, you’ll something is there and not just bare plastic.