I am a huge Star Wars fan and proud and not ashamed to admit it! 😀 Therefore it is no wonder, that my stash contains quite some kits of spacecraft and other weapons from this science fiction saga. A decade or so ago, Fine Molds released a wonderful TIE fighter in 1:72, which was later followed by TIE interceptor and a few years ago, Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced. Decision was made to build all three models together and now that Bandai took over the Star Wars license, I just hope, they will release TIE bomber as well.


And here we go! Fighter and Interceptor share the same “fuselage”, the difference being only the cannons below the cockpit. While the pilots came with Imperial logo decals for the helmet and shoulder patches, the decals refused to follow the curves and I’ve decided to ditch them. Truth be told, when the cockpit is encased in the “fuselage”, little of the pilot can be seen in there.


I’ve made a darker wash to bring out the details on the back plate and the floor, but due to the before mentioned reason, no one will ever see the effort. As you can see, Advanced’ cockpit is of different shape.


Cockpits simply fall into the “fuselage” halves.


Little drybrushing brought out the details in the front.


Notice how taller the Darth Vader is, compared to the Fighter pilot – I guess using the Force, he didn’t have to see out of the canopy 😀