Works continues with the engines.


AMK designed the interior really well. Some might say, moulding the whole engines is a waste of time, especially since you cannot pose them open. Well, you might be right, but the fact is, they are pretty simple affair, but instead provide the correct depth of the exhaust and serve as a strengtheners in the boxy Foxhound fuselage as well. Mr.Paint Wheel Hub Green was used for the green parts (you can use any similar paint as the exhaust get really dirty), Alclad White Aluminum for the front turbines and Alclad Exhaust Manifold for the rear turbine and inside of the exhaust.


The turbines received a black wash, while I drybrushed some aluminum on the rear turbines to highlight the edges a little, as they will be hidden in a pretty dark place deep in the MiG’s fuselage.



A number of different pigments and dry pastels were used to simulate the grime and soot found in the exhausts. As the insides are quite hard to photograph, I have lightened the shadows a bit, but in turn, the effect looks a little lighter than it should.


The inside petals in the burner can. The later still lacks the weathering – that will be added later in the build, to avoid any possible damage (smearing).


Dry fit of the engine parts – looks almost like those cut-away drawings on how the jet-engine works 🙂