I have fond memories of a Mirage 4000 featuring on a VHS tape that my father bought me in the ’80s with the footage from Le Bourget and Farnborough salons. Big, canard equipped delta fighter in white scheme caught my eyes, but unfortunately haven’t attracted any sales and went into history, with many of its features later reemergining with the Rafale.

So far, to my knowledge, the only company, that made the M4K, was Anigrand in resin. Being expencive and made out of resin, it was kit for experienced modellers only. The arrival of Modelsvit’s Mirage, despite being a short run affair, is most welcome and the company became in just a few years, one of the best if not the best short-run company in the world.

Enough of the talk – let’s do the the walk through the photos.
For larger images, use “view image” option in your browser.


The standard top opening box with an impressive boxart.


Fuselage sides with very nice engraved details including rivets.


As has been standard in the last few kits, the cockpits are really ncie detailed – you can use the detailed instrument panel, but you can also use a plain one in conjuction with photo-etched front.


Multi piece engine assembly should be adequate with finely moulded turbine blades and afterburner flameholders. The outside details of the exhaust nozzles is quite shallow, but looking at the reference photos, that’s the way it should be.


The undercarriage doors as well as wheel wells are very nicely detailed as well and should look amazing, painted up and washed.


Nicely moulded wings and wheels with exquisite details.


One piece lower fuselage with amazing details and pylons and Matra Magic missile bodies (fins are provided by PE parts).


Landing gear legs and front wheels. Care will have to be taken when removing those small fragile parts from the sprues.


Decals, while of matt finish, appear clear, opaque and in register. My previous experience with their decals have been positive, so I have no worries.


Photoetched parts take care for cockpit details, some antennas and missile fins – fixing those would be a core, I guess, alligning all of them on 6 missiles!

Painting masks, not only take care of cockpit glass (including the inner side!) but also the the body masks for the red markings and black antiglare area – nice touch!


Clear parts are clear and distortion free. You get a one piece clear part as well as separate windshield and canopy to pose it open.

Instructions are clear and shouldn’t pose any problems during construction. I have noticed one error though – in step 10, you are supposed to attach subassemblies from steps 7 and 9, while actually you should attach 7 (upper fuselage) and 8 (lower fuselage), 9 being the tail stinger.