MiG-21 doesn’t need special introduction. The most produced jet fighter of all times, it has served the Air Forces all around the globe and even today, after more than 60 years of its first flight, it still serves several air forces around the World, including several NATO ones.

I am quite surprised that until now, the industry didn’t bother to touch this aircraft as much as it deserves to be. Apart from nice Revell MiG-21F-13 and Zvezda’s 21bis, all we were left were short run kits and decades old models repacked over and over again. Well, ladies and gentleman, the wait is over!

Eduard announced scaling down of their excellent Fishbed range in 1:48 scale a few years ago and today I have received the special preorder edition of the MiG-21MF, called the “Library Edition”.


The contents:

rev_mig21-1.jpgThe kit comes in a rather bland featureless box.

rev_mig21-7.jpgFirst sprue are the main airframe parts – fuselage halves, wings and aerodynamic surfaces. Breakdown is similar to its 1:48 cousin.

rev_mig21-8.jpgAs we are used from Eduard’s latest kits, engraved details are very refined.

rev_mig21-9.jpgThe familiar breakdown of the kit, if you’ve ever build one of their 1:48 kits.

rev_mig21-10.jpgSingle piece spine with tail. There is a small seam at the top of the spine, but nothing a little sanding won’t fix.

rev_mig21-2.jpgThe second sprue contains all the little details – from cockpit and landing gear to JATO bottles, exhaust parts and wheel wells.

rev_mig21-3.jpgSome of the nice details just crying for some paint and wash.

rev_mig21-4.jpgEjection seat and sidewall – either with moulded details or plain for use with decals or PE parts.

rev_mig21-5.jpgBasic cockpit tub, inner details of rear airbrake, JATO bottles and pitot probe with moulded thin alpha and beta wings.

rev_mig21-6.jpgFront wheel well, exhaust half and part of the main wheel well.

rev_mig21-11.jpgClear parts sprue is crystal clear and creates no distortion. There are options for two different windshields and three different canopies.

rev_mig21-13.jpgThere are no weapons sprues available as of yet but Eduard was nice enough to include 4 Brassin R-13 (AA-2) missiles, along with corresponding pylons and PE details. Unfortunately, there are no external fuel tanks included in this version of the kit.

rev_mig21-14.jpgSmall but nicely printed decal sheet. Full complement of stencils and markings for one Czech Air Force bird, which carried Eduard’s logo. As there are no PE parts included in the kit, they decided to include cockpit details as well as ejection seat harnesses as decals which should look ok under the closed canopy.

rev_mig21-12.jpgLast but not least, there are two stickers included in the overall package.

First impressions are great. New tool MiG-21 that we, the gentleman’s scale modellers, have been waiting for ages, is finally here! Library edition does have its limits, but profipack, royal class and other versions are coming in a month or so and I’m pretty sure a bunch of Brassin resin goodies as well. One critique that I can give right away, before starting the build, is that Eduard forgot to (again), mould the front airbrakes open. When the aircraft is parked, they drop a little and it’s gonna be hard to cleanly cut the out of the fuselage and redo it.

Stay tuned for work in progress!