This is a second of 3-part series of A-squared aftermarket items reviews. For the introduction and review of their paint masks click HERE!

ASQ72003 Aircraft Headlamp Frames

The set includes more than 40 PE pieces for aviation lamps and reflectors of different 7 different shapes, mostly seen on Soviet/Russian designs. The shapes include lamps like you can see on Su-30/33s, Mi-28s, MiG-21s and other types.


ASQ72006 Soviet Aviation Sights with HUD

As sights or HUDs stand proudly of instrument panels they are very visible on finished models. And since the plastic mouldings usually very simplify these devices, a simple photoetched HUD/sight can improve the look of the model dramatically. The set includes 4 different types of sights/HUDs for all the major types like MiG-21/23/25/27/29/31 and Su-7/17/25/27 as well as some helicopter sights.


ASQ72007 Helicopter Windscreen Wipers

While the title says “helicopter”, this set is actually suitable for a number of kits, even the land vehicles. There’s a large number of different wiper types included and a guide for 15 different Western and Eastern helicopters is included in the instructions.


ASQ72008A Helicopter & Aircraft external details. Part A – Aerials, etc.


Apart from the few 5th generation fighters, all aircraft and helicopters are covered by various antenna and aerials. This set includes 28 different forms, from various blade antennas to AoA paddles, Alpha and Beta vanes on pitot tubes, IFF odd-rod triple antennas, T-shaped radar altimeter antennas and more.

ASQ72008C Helicopter & Aircraft external details. Part C – Formation Flight Lights


Formation lights are a must for any aircraft or helicopter flying at night and normally, they’re just simply engraved into the plastic of scale models. This set will visually enhance this little and often overlooked details. Rounded types are mainly used by Eastern aircraft or helicopters while the formation lights strips are normally used on US aircraft, although some are now used by Russian Air Force on aircraft such as MiG-29SMT and Su-35S.

ASQ72009 Brass Wire Mesh


5x5cm fine brass wire mesh than can be used to replace engraved mesh details on various parts, mostly on helicopters and various targeting pods.
(There is an error in designation here, as this set carries the code for 1:48 scale but is clearly more suitable to 1:72).


Sets like those reviewed here (A-squared have more in their catalogue) are the spices that make the dish, so to speak. If you are not willing to pay for the more expencive detailing sets, these are a perfect solution to spice up things a little. Also, various less popular subjects won’t ever get aftermarket treatments and these PE sets will help improve the looks tremendously.

Thanks to A-squared for the review samples. You can find their entire catalogue HERE!