I rarely do WW2 aircraft and even rarer venture in such large scales. But when your good friend has 40th birthday and about half a year before it, Revell releases their Spitfire with Iron Maiden decals and two Eddies to boot, the usual dilemma of what to get someone for present was answered back there and then! And him being one of the biggest Iron Maiden fans in our country, the choice was obvious.

Izzy, my friend, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Move in to fire at the mainstream of bombers
Let off a sharp burst and then turn away
Roll over, spin ’round to come in behind them
Move to their blindsides and firing again
Bandits at 8 o’clock move in behind us
Ten ME-109s out of the sun
Ascending and turning our spitfires to face them
Heading straight for them, I press down my guns

Rolling, turning, diving
Rolling, turning, diving, doing it again
Rolling, turning, diving
Rolling, turning, diving
Run, live to fly
Fly to live
Do or die
Won’t you run?
Live to fly
Fly to live
Aces high

Iron Maiden – Aces High

Model Data
Company: Revell
Scale: 1:32
Aftermarket: /
Paints used: Mr.Paint
Camouflage: MRP-108 Dark Earth, MRP-110 Dark Green, MRP-118 Sky
Other details: MRP-005 Basic Black, MRP-111 Interior Grey Green, MRP-173 Tire-Rubber Matt, MRP-009 White Aluminum, MRP-147 Burnt Iron, MRP-152 Pale Burnt Metal)