There’s hardly anything more to be said about the MiG-21. And the same goes for the excellent line of Eduard kits in 1:72. So let’s talk a little bit about the Azerbaijani MiG-21s.

I have found about this, rather obscure subject, when browsing through Linden Hill decals catalogue, after I’ve built a Su-17M3 in Azeri colours. The decal sheet is rather simple – just a few bort numbers and roundels, and a couple of smaller markings and that’s it. However, both the options, the Yellow 17 as well as the Yellow 45 provided an interesting painting challenge. Azeris got their MiGs from Ukraine. There’s really not a lot to be found on these MiGs on the internet, neither the info nor the photos. What I assume is that these aircraft were ex-Soviet birds, sitting half derelict on some ex-Soviet airbase in the Ukraininan territory and the Ukrainians returned a few to airworthy status, with some overpaints of the standard VVS camo, new markings for the Azeri Air Force and that’s it. So what we’ve got are nicely weathered birds with some fresh paint oversprays which took air-to-ground action in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

I initially wanted to display the model with a combination of UB-32 and UB-16 launchers but unfortunately, that ain’t possible on Eduard kit as when you install the UB-32 on inner pylons, there is no place for the landing gear cover or vice versa. Decision was hastily made to replace the UB-32 with S-24 rocket and leave the UB-16s on the outer pylons.

Video in progress builds:

Model Data
Company: Eduard
Scale: 1:72
– ASQ72008A Helicopter & Aircraft external details. Part A – Aerials, etc.
– Linden Hill MiG-21SM combat veterans of Azerbaijan
– Temp Models KM-1 ejection seat
– Master MiG-21MF pitot tube
Paints used: Mr.Paint
Camouflage: MRP-101 SEA Dark Green, MRP-165 Grey Green, MRP-166 Chestnut Brown, MRP-167 Light Earth, MRP-168 Grey Blue,
Other details: MRP-173 Tire-Rubber Matt, MRP-050 RLM02 Grey, MRP-32 Green for wheels, MRP-1 Turquoise cockpit, MRP-147 Burnt Iron, MRP-148 Exhaust Metal, MRP-178 Mid Green, MRP-195 Sukhoi Cockpit Blue, MRP-199 Su-33 Blue, MRP-200 Su-33 Dark Blue, MRP-276 7K Russian AFV Tan)