From time to time, I like to challenge myself to build something out of my usual repertoire. And as I am lacking much experiences in figure painting I went in and decided to build several Warhammer 40K (most popular miniature wargame in the world) figures.

The decision on which faction to build was easy – they are fearless yet loyal, they use Viking like mythology, runes and behavior – they are Space Wolves! I bought a Combat Patrol box – one of the bundle boxes that come at a bargain price for what they involve and are a good foundation to build a decent army. The box includes several different types of units and I’ve decided to try myself first with Reivers.

Reivers are close support combat specialists tasked with rapid infiltration and lightning assault. Because of their special training and wargear, they can be called elite assualt specialists.

Painted exclusively with Mr.Paint paints!