I’ll admit it in the beginning – I am not an armour guy. In fact, coming from the aviation side, I see them as targets 😀 I am aware of their importance though and I am fascinated especially by the modern or unusual looking armour and Russian Terminator certainly ticks both of those boxes. And since this is my first armour kit in 10 years and third total, this build was sort of unchartered territory and a number of firsts.

What sets Terminator apart from other tanks is definitely its turret so I started immediately with it. Tight fit and boasting with details, it was finished rather quickly. Missile launchers were left of for the ease of painting.

Like the turret, the upper hull piece had great fit and was finished quickly as well.

Rubber coating of the wheels was chipped here and there and everything was painted in basic colours.

One piece soft plastic (not rubber) tracks were painted dark grey, weathered with rusty wash and then given different mud and earth treatments.

Playing a bit with weathering the sides of the lower hull – while I really like how they turned out, unfortunately nothing will be seen in the end.

Everything joined together and the first time to see the whole shape of BMPT (minus the missiles).

To prepare her for the painting, I primed her with Mr.Surfacer 1500 Black.

Freehanded the camouflage with my trusty Harder & Steenback Evolution with 0.15mm needle/nozzle. Some touch ups will be needed to tighten the camo overspray but nothing drastic. Sand colour turned out too light and cold and will need to be warmed up a bit.

Applying Mig’s filter for 3-tone camo, warmed up the sand a bit, but unfortunately left quite a lot of pigment sediments in recessed parts which will need to be cleaned up. Gun barrels were removed at this time as I ordered a set of brass/3D printed ones from Microworld.

Neutral brown wash further improved the looks of Sand colour while the vehicle received further wash and mud treatments, mainly from Mig’s AMMO line. The turret still needs light weathering at this stage.

And the BMPT Terminator finished!

I think that muddy tanks should belong on a muddy base, so I’ve decided to build one. Using XPS foam as a base, I cut and shaped it to my liking, then laminated the sides with balsa wood and prepared the surface with VMS Smart Mud product.

Using static grass, some pre-done grass tufts, rocks and earth from my garden and different weathering agents, the base was more or less finished.