After years and years of wanting to visit the largest scale modelling competition in the world, I finally made it this year. And I just caught the jubilee 25th edition of it! More than 3000 models by around 800 modellers coming from 80 countries, you are not far of the mark if you call Moson, the Olympic games of scale modelling.

Competition is held in the town of Mosonmagyaróvár im the NorthWestern part of the country, really close to Slovakian capital Bratislava and Austrian Vienna. It is a two-day show located in the UFM (sport) arena, with additional space for vendors in the nearby hall.

My mind was blown on the quality of the displayed models no matter the category they were displayed in and to my surprise, I really enjoyed looking at the amazing figures section. There were so many people around the tables, especially on Saturday that sometimes I had to look at the models from the 3rd row, I kid you not. Vendor section was also great and soon depleted my allocated spending money with understandably Eduard, Special Hobby, Ammo and AK being the biggest vendors, but many smaller ones offered some interesting stuff as well!

Enough of the chit chat and on to the photos – I just couldn’t take photos of everything, it was just too much for me so here’s one gallery for the aircraft, and the other one for everything else I took photos of. If you wanna see more, I recommend to head to and check their galleries!

Click on the photos below to access the galleries!