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Bell AH-1G Cobra

AH-1G is considered to be the first operational attack helicopter in the world. Although previous attempts at attack helicopters were made in the past, it was the Vietnam war and the need for escorting the Air Cavalry UH-1 Hueys, that gave birth to AH-1G. Sharing many components with the UH-1C, it started replacing the UH-1B and UH-1C gunships in mid-1967. Between 1967 and 1973, around 1100 AH-1Gs were delivered, serving in close air support, escorting transport helicopters and other roles, including the ‘hunter-killer’ roles in combination with OH-6A scout helicopters.


Bell AH-1G Cobra
s/n 67-15536
Thor’s Hammer
A-Troop, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry
Pilot CW2 Melton Lee Hinton
Tra Vinh, Vietnam, 1971-72

Special Hobby 1:72
Brengun Photoetched Set



Finally finished! This was probably the worst model I have built to date from Revell. It might have been a good model in its time but as it seems, this kit is several decades old and worn-out molds only make it worse. Anyhow here she is, finished. Definitely not a contest model but certainly a welcome addition to my small air forces collection. If you are contemplating on buying a 1:72 long fuselage Huey (D, H models) choose Italeri. I have heard horror stories but at least based on the sprue shots I’ve seen on the internet, it is more detailed model and you will easily achieve better results than I did. I thank Balkan Models for the kit and decal sheet – the few decals that were used performed brilliantly – no carrier film is visible and no silvering appeared; I even didn’t have to use the setting solution.

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