A while ago, I was approached by guys at Balkan Models to build them a model representing one of the airframes from their Balkan Hueys decal sheet. Since I was given a Revell model of UH-1D in 1:72 scale I was limited to two choices – Bosnian and Macedonian Huey. A while ago I set up a poll which of those you would prefer to see and Bosnian machine won by a slight margin. However due to the reason, the poll difference was small and the fact I received a whole lot of reference photos of Macedonian Huey, the decision was made.


As usual Macedonian Hueys are workhorses that cover many Air Force and Army needs. They were delivered in 2001 from Greece. Revell’s model is quite an old tooling and unfortunately it’s starting to show its age. Quite a lot of sinkmarks are present, thick plastic and some flash present as well.


I was thinking of displaying the helo with one cargo door open, but when I dryfitted the floor to the fuselage halves, large ungainly gaps appeared on each side which soon decided the faith and final look.


Therefor cargo doors were glued in place. Dryfit showed some interesting angles at mating points, so some sanding was in order for better fit.


Inner sides of the doors were filled with white glue to seal any possible cracks and small holes.


After glueing together the pilot seat parts something didn’t look right. Looking at the reference photos it showed that the seats should be mounted higher on the supports. After separating the supports by a No.11 blade, they were reattached to the proper location. Note the difference against the seat built by instructions.


Copyright: Dragan Cvetić

As you can see on the above photo, Macedonian Hueys are equipped with armored pilot seats.


Using a thin sheet of styrene (0.25mm) I created the armour plating and attached it to the seat. Quite a difference compared to the seat supplied in the kit, right? 😉

Till the next time!