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UH-1H Part 6


Unfortunately due to death in my family, I cannot show you much progress at this moment. Flat coat was added and clear parts unmasked. Rotor parts are just dryfitted for the looks.


To my horror, clear parts have fogged from the inside. I am not sure what caused this, as I was taking extreme care when glueing fuselage halves together and clear parts were glued with non-agressive white glue. Anyhow repair works have already started as well as painting the details and rotor weathering. With a little bit of luck, she’ll be finished by the end of the week.


UH-1H Part 5



After a nice coat of Alclad Grey primer preshade was done on certain areas which show heavy use on reference photos.


Main camo was done with ModelMaster Olive Drab and the tailboom was painted with a mix of previous colour and Revell 9 Anthrazite.



Since it’s drying really fast, Alclad Black primer was used for anti-glare panel and walkways.

UH 1 H---84

Photo copyright: Dragan Cvetić

UH-1H Part 4

Finally some progress on the Huey.


Joining the fuselage halves showed a nasty hole where the rotor gearbox should be through which you could see inside the cabin and cockpit, while looking through the exhaust, you had a see through situation. To at least partially remedy this problem, thin plasticard strips were glued inside to cover the gaps.


If you are asking yourself why there’s a piece of sprue sticking out of window – It accidentally broke and the only way I could reinsert it was to superglue a piece of sprue to the masked window and gently insert it. Studying the photos, several of the antennas were added, including the wirecutters.


Wirecutters were given a support struts made from thin soldering wire. The tail was riveted using Rivet-R and additionally, the “caps” at the front of sledges were made from plasticard. She’s more or less ready for the primer and painting next.

Here’s an interesting video of Macedonian AF Combat Search and Rescue display that includes the helicopter I am building. Enjoy till the next time!

UH-1H Part 3

I guess you’ve all come to a point where real life prevents any kind of free time. Well it happened to me last week as I had to work 6 12-hour shifts in a row and I only had feeling I was coming home to eat and sleep. Well things are now stabilized and some more work shall be done in the near future. Also work has started on Su-7BM but more on that some other time.


Unfortunately the kit is showing its age and though Huey’s are quite simple machines, this kit ain’t. Dryfitting the clear parts showed a number of discrepancies including the front hole on the left fuselage being too big. Sheet styrene was glued to the attachment points and trimmed to shape to remedy this.


With all the clear parts glued using White glue (it dries clear), all the parts were masked using my favorite Tamiya masking tape. Oh and don’t forget adding some lead weights to the front of cabin compartment when gluing the halves together.


And the fuselage halves have finally been closed. The fit is far from great but I tried to align the parts so that the majority of the clean up will be happening on the bare lower fuselage. Also some riveting on the boom has started as you can see. I plan to replace raised panel lines with rivet lines, but more on that when I clean the seams.

UH 1 H---15

Photo copyright: Dragan Cvetić

UH-1H Part 2


Using drybrush technique, detailing instrument panels is easy as long as they have some raised details. Just dip a flat paintbrush in white colour, then wipe it on a clean piece of paper tissue until it stops leaving paint marks and slightly brush the raised panels. Same way you can simulate tear and wear using other colours on various parts and also prnonounce the highlights on object edges while the wash emphisazes the shadows.


Some wiring was added to the back of the control panel that can be seen from the forward lower windows using 0.3mm soldering wire and 0.18mm copper wire


Using Tamiya masking tape, cut in thin strips and aluminium foil for buckles, all the seating positions were equipped with seatbelts. Dark wash further enhances the looks.



And the cabin with cockpit is finished. Combination of drybrushing, washes, wiring and scratcbuilt armor seats make a lively working space.


Unfortunately when the fuselage halves are closed, little can be seen of the work done.


And last but not least, a song that kept me motivated today while modelling 😉

UH-1H Part 1

A while ago, I was approached by guys at Balkan Models to build them a model representing one of the airframes from their Balkan Hueys decal sheet. Since I was given a Revell model of UH-1D in 1:72 scale I was limited to two choices – Bosnian and Macedonian Huey. A while ago I set up a poll which of those you would prefer to see and Bosnian machine won by a slight margin. However due to the reason, the poll difference was small and the fact I received a whole lot of reference photos of Macedonian Huey, the decision was made.


As usual Macedonian Hueys are workhorses that cover many Air Force and Army needs. They were delivered in 2001 from Greece. Revell’s model is quite an old tooling and unfortunately it’s starting to show its age. Quite a lot of sinkmarks are present, thick plastic and some flash present as well.


I was thinking of displaying the helo with one cargo door open, but when I dryfitted the floor to the fuselage halves, large ungainly gaps appeared on each side which soon decided the faith and final look.


Therefor cargo doors were glued in place. Dryfit showed some interesting angles at mating points, so some sanding was in order for better fit.


Inner sides of the doors were filled with white glue to seal any possible cracks and small holes.


After glueing together the pilot seat parts something didn’t look right. Looking at the reference photos it showed that the seats should be mounted higher on the supports. After separating the supports by a No.11 blade, they were reattached to the proper location. Note the difference against the seat built by instructions.


Copyright: Dragan Cvetić

As you can see on the above photo, Macedonian Hueys are equipped with armored pilot seats.


Using a thin sheet of styrene (0.25mm) I created the armour plating and attached it to the seat. Quite a difference compared to the seat supplied in the kit, right? 😉

Till the next time!