I guess you’ve all come to a point where real life prevents any kind of free time. Well it happened to me last week as I had to work 6 12-hour shifts in a row and I only had feeling I was coming home to eat and sleep. Well things are now stabilized and some more work shall be done in the near future. Also work has started on Su-7BM but more on that some other time.


Unfortunately the kit is showing its age and though Huey’s are quite simple machines, this kit ain’t. Dryfitting the clear parts showed a number of discrepancies including the front hole on the left fuselage being too big. Sheet styrene was glued to the attachment points and trimmed to shape to remedy this.


With all the clear parts glued using White glue (it dries clear), all the parts were masked using my favorite Tamiya masking tape. Oh and don’t forget adding some lead weights to the front of cabin compartment when gluing the halves together.


And the fuselage halves have finally been closed. The fit is far from great but I tried to align the parts so that the majority of the clean up will be happening on the bare lower fuselage. Also some riveting on the boom has started as you can see. I plan to replace raised panel lines with rivet lines, but more on that when I clean the seams.

UH 1 H---15

Photo copyright: Dragan Cvetić