It’s been quite a while since my last post here. Basically because there’s not much to show really. CRJ project has stopped – why you might ask? Because I am quite disappointed with the kit. No wheel wells and solid back ends of the jet exhausts are the main reasons. And I am really not in a mood to cut the circular shapes of the wells out of thick resin. Gears closed and on the stand is how she’s gonna look at the end. But have to find some motivation to clean up the engines first and do something about their back ends… Probably I’ll just hollow the exhausts and try to paint a thin black strip around casing. Huey is in the stages of puttying and sanding, which I really loath. Yet work has to be done and I hope I will be able to make a separate WiP post next week with some proper progress done on that model. Not so long ago I also started working on Su-7BM and I must admit it’s the best short-run model I was building so far. The fit is great to average (it’s a short-run nonethless but nothing tragic) and the level of details is simply amazing. I’ve further improved the cockpit and photos will be published in Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine. The fuselage has been assembled and cleaned and it’s now time to clean the wing and tail to fuselage joins. Can’t wait for their Su-7BMK and hopefully BKL versions as well.

Till the next time