Update no.2!


Since this is gonna be wheels up model, gear bays were not installed. This in fact helped positioning the doors which fit rather decently in closed position and only a little bit of filling and sanding are needed for fixing them up. Wings were also glued in full sweep position but if I would do it again, I would fix them later before painting. Why, you might ask? Reason is the fuselage seam that runs below them, which would be easier to clean if the wings would be swept forward.


The belly of the beast. Gear bay doors are not fixed yet.


Air brakes were pretty much the same story as gear bay doors – a little filler and sanding required for closing them.


Resin nose was finally attached. I had to hollow it a bit for better fit, but there will be some work needed to close that gap on starboard side.


Port side, however, fit very well. Since the nose includes a portion of instrument panel cover as well as windshield edge, I opted for centering this part to avoid having problems attaching clear parts a bit later.