Hey everybody! I know, I know, it’s been a month since my last progress update but as you can see below, some progress has been made in the meantime. To be honest, magazine work has taken quite some of my precious modelling time but on the other hand, you can admire my works on the printed pages and I post teasers here – check the TSR.2 and Vulcan K.2 is approaching the finish line as well!

Gone are those awful seams and plastic-to-resin joins, gaps and everything that spoiled the pristine Tonka look of the previous post. A coat of Alclad Grey primer and ModelMasters paints for the main camouflage and of course Alclads for the exhaust area and this bird looks totally different! The shine you can see on the surface is courtesy of Future sprayed at high pressure – 40psi give or take. Next steps will involve decaling and painting the details and touch ups. And that is when you can expect the next report!