Working schedule and weekend away from home prevented much work to be done on the Sukhoi, but the progress is steady as I see it!

Next thing I tackled were wheel wells. They are usually devoid of much details which can be seen on real aircraft. Armed with some reference photos I’ve decided to improve the looks, armed with 0.3 and 0.5mm soldering wire, bits and pieces of plasticard and good old classic stretched sprue.



Front wheel well on the real deal isn’t really busy wiring-wise, but there are some small wires, cylinders and black boxes present.




While Hasegawa represented some of the wiring of the main wheel bay with faint raised lines, the real deal is much more busy. Thin stretched sprue wire bundles were made, as well as some soldering wire attached to spice the rather accurate shape-wise wells.



One should not forget the area behind the main landing gear struts, which is also wired and features some cylinders – probably an emergency hydraulic for lowering the gear in cause of main hydraulic system failure.