Quick update, not much of in progress photos this time. After masking bare metal areas, the model got a nice even coat of Alclad Grey primer followed by 5000 grit polishing to make the surface perfectly smooth. First colour was Model Master Flanker Pale Blue. Looking at these pics, I wish someone already released canard equipped Su-30 series so I could build an Algerian machine – this blue-grey combination is quite striking!



Next came grey and blue colours. Grey was giving me some problems – I tried ModelMaster Dark and Light Ghost gray but didn’t have enough blue in them, then I tried Agama R27 Light Grey Blue but was too blue – in the end I mixed a roughly 5:3 mix of Agama R27 and Lt. Ghost Gray and I think I nailed it quite good. The Blue is Agama R31 Light Blue.

At this point it was time for detail painting. I must admit, I wasn’t really looking forward to all the masking required by extensive dielectric panels all around the aircraft. Beside that, looking at the model with basic camo applied, it looked just like another Su-27, nice, but ordinary and that sense. The revelation came just a bit later, when I sprayed the black antiglare coat around the canopy – it felt like the aircraft transformed. Anyhow here she is in all her splendor! I am off for a week long holiday in Norway so expect some more colour on her in 10 days or so! Cheers