Hi everyone!

My first post after a much needed holiday. Spent a great week with my wife and friends road tripping around Norway and understandably, the modelling pace has decelerated a bit. But I am slowly gaining momentum again and here’s a new, albeit short new update for you.

In my previous post, you have seen my Flanker turned from Grey to colorful; I guess it’s no surprise, it gained some more colors after decaling!

Decals lay down nicely on a glossy surface, courtesy of Alclad Aqua Gloss. Additional coat was sprayed over decals for protection and an oil color wash – mix of Raw Umber and Payne’s Grey heavily thinned with (non aggressive) white spirit – applied.




Since Su-35s are fairly new machines, I don’t plan on weathering her any further. In the meantime, one more Hasegawa mistake was corrected. Nose gear strut is a few millimeters too high – when the model is put on its wheels, it looses the characteristic Flanker kneel down pose. I cut a section of gear strut above the taxi/landing lights and shortened the supporting side braces. Oh and yeah, some wiring was added to the struts, using thin copper wire and stretched sprue.

I can slowly see the end of the tunnel now. Stay tuned for new updates in the coming week and have a great remainder of Sunday!