Maybe still remember, how much time I’ve spent masking all those tiny details on the bare metal areas of the engines and the exhausts. If you don’t – click HERE to see the painting and masking process.

The time has finally come to finish those. I admit, it was a bit of a gamble as I’ve never before worked on such a complex pattern and the aim was to achieve uniform pattern on one hand and still some randomness on other.

All the work was done using Tamiya Weathering Master Set D, using a thin paintbrush (the included sponge brush is too cumbersome to work on details).


First I tried this method on one of the tailplanes and I really liked the outcome. Keep in mind however, that this was a laborious project that lasted several hours. The final effect is also quite hard to photograph, as both the Alclad and the blue of the weathering set reflect differently under the changing light and the angle of view.