And the building commences. I will make more posts and sort of analyze the good and the bad in this kit so please bare with me.

Cockpit assembly



What you see in the above photos is just dryfitted cockpit. Absolutely no glue was used. It fits like a glove and looks awesome even in grey plastic. And keep in mind, joysticks, some additional panels and last but not least, ejection seats, are still missing in the above shot.


All the parts from the previous two photos laied out in front. If you look closely at the front fuselage, you will see some sort of a rail on the inner cockpit side; it runs on both sides and you just slide the cockpit tub from behind, on those rails until it stops moving forward and voila – perfect fit and perfect alignement.



Front fuselage being made out of one piece of course has a seam line. How big it is, I hear you say? Well check for yourselves, blue arrows showing that mighty seam that will need removing. All I can say, remarkable engineering on AMK part!