I have to say, Special Hobby Cobras are delightful kits to build. They go together really well, are very nicely detailed and before you know it, it’s time for some painting! Putty was used only in small amounts, mainly to blend in the canopy.



Painting the aircraft in one overall colour can give the model a toyish look. A while ago, I’ve read an article, where this modeller was building some WW2 fighter that was painted in Olive Drab and to give it a nice, not too uniform look, he painted the base first in yellow and brown tones, to break the surface. I’ve used Yellow Zinc Chromate and Brown. Certain areas of wear were masked with liquid mask.



Applying very thin Olive Drab, I slowly built the colour, being careful not to overdo it and achieve the random look of the OD colour.



The airframe I am building had several panels replaced, which were painted in Faded Olive Drab. This same paint was used also for some fading and the base OD was used in heavier coats to highlight some panel lines.


Test paint peeling on the tail – I really love the effect.



Black, Yellow and Red details. 




And all the masks removed. As I’ve said before, the reference photos show this bird quite weathered, especially the top of the stub wings. I’ve peeled the paint of from areas of heavier use – the steps to the cockpit and stub wings, certain panels and landing skids.