Begemot’s latest release covers the infamous Su-34 ‘Fullback” strike fighter of the Russian Air Force. I have to say that his is a definite decal sheet covering the Su-34 – you really don’t need any other and truth be told, you’d probably want to replace kit supplied decals with these, after seeing them.




As standard, decals come in an A4 sized zip-lock bag with instructions printed on folded A3 sheets. The news however is, that this is the first release where instructions are printed in colours! This will greately help with painting and 4-way drawings are provided where appropriate, and side drawings when standard camouflage is applied. Decals themselves are printed on two, almost A4 sized sheets, one half of that size and additional smaller addendum sheet.




Printing standard is of highest quality with many of the stencils readable under magnifying glass. Colours are rich and opaque and you even get silver colour on some of the decals. I believe there is a set of stencils for one complete aircraft, but as those changed with the colour schemes you’ll definitely be left with plenty for additional builds. And speaking of stencils – there’s a whole set of them for all the different kinds of weapons the Fullback can carry! And it can carry A LOT! From air-to-air missiles to all kinds of freefall and guided bombs, rockets and missiles. Additionally all the pods and pylons are covered, too.



There are 28 different aiframe options listed in the instructions – from early prototype and preproduction examples, to first series examples and most current ones; from blue-grey schemes of prototypes to blue-green inital and late production birds to intermediate eggplant grey ones; from warbirds from fighting in Ossetia to the much more recent warbirds of Syria (including bomb messages!); from an aircraft with witch then president Medvedev flew, to the one named after a fallen Su-24 pilot Oleg Peshkov HRF. And with a set of complete red borts, you can probably build ANY Su-34 in Russian Air Force service. And since Air Force recently renamed to Air and Space Force, you get the addendum decal sheet with black outlines for bort numbers (as is the case with the latest photos) and VKS ROSSII tail fin markings.

You can get your decals from Begemot official site or use any of the listed stores, on their official page –

Decals are also available in 1:48 scale under the number 48-045.

Special thanks to Andrey Kotkov of Begemot decals for sending me the review sample.