SAAB 37 Viggen is a legendary fighter that protected the skies of Sweden during the second half of Cold War. Its ruggedness and unique shape make it really recognizable but anyone that saw this aircraft fly, had to be impressed by its power. And even if it was only used by Sweden, it gained an international recognition. More about the aircraft HERE.

There were several sub types of Viggen in service. Tarangus just released the fighter version JA37, while Special Hobby (who tooled this kit) will release other versions (strike, twoseater, recon?) next year. The only other options to build a Viggen so far in 1:72 were ancient Airfix, Heller and Hasegawa kits – raised lines, lack of details, but at least the shape was there. So after Tarangus/SH connection released Viggens in 1:48 there was only hope, 1:72 guys will receive the same treatment… and the wait is over!

As it appears, Tarangus decided to downscale their 1:48 kit, but not only that. Its bigger brother was criticized for having several mistakes which appear to be corrected on its smaller sibling (canard strakes, tires, position of the leading edge fin antenna).

Plastic itself looks really nice. Fine recessed details including rivet details where appropriate. Cockpits feature raised details which should look great after some careful painting. Wheel wells show the internal constructions but a modeler will have to add some additional wiring to improve the looks. Landing gear legs look really amazing as well. As there will be different versions released, there’s some plastic in the kit that won’t be used for JA37 so carefully examine the instructions. Apart from the external fuel tank and conformal cannon, there are no other external stores provided. JA-37s were equipped with different marks of AIM-9 Sidewinders and in early days Skyflash and later AIM-120 AMRAAMs, so scouring those from stash or buying an aftermarket options won’t be too hard.

Instructions are printed on A4 sheet and seem to be really clear and straightforward. Markings and camouflage diagrams instructions are printed in colours and the suggested paints are of Mr.Paint and Gunze Sangyo brands.

There are four different decal options in available – one in initial natural metal finish, one in the characteristic 4-colour splinter scheme and two in the later “Gripen” grey scheme. Decals appear excellent with a full stencil set for one aircraft.

By the looks of it, this is an excellent release by Tarangus and I can’t wait to start working on her. You can buy Tarangus kits from Rebell Hobby or other favorite vendors.