Browsing through the net you will most likely find most of this sub models painted in classic black hull with dark red bottom, but I’ve decided to paint her in her early scheme, probably also the one she wear during the 1961 tragedy.


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Model was sprayed with Aclad Grey Primer first and as I found it to be quite a nice colour for the upper hull I masked it off and sprayed Revell 37 ‘Reddish Brown’ for the lower hull. Top deck was painted with Revell 9 Anthrazite


Further the sub was given 3 coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss to achieve nice even surface for decalling, which went on mostly without much problems. Only the silver decals for the sonar? were giving me a bit of a problem – I had to cut the upper one in half to get a better angle and then trim it.


With a dryfitted conning tower she almost looks the part already. But not yet – the most important steps is yet to follow – the weathering that should make it more life-like and less toy-like.